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Jacksonville Seo Expert, Kesar Long.

Jacksonville SEO & PPC Ads Expert

Jacksonville SEO companies hire Jacksonville SEO freelancers to do the work. So why not hire a Jacksonville SEO freelancer directly? If you’re looking for a digital marketing expert in Florida, look no further. I work with some of the top digital marketing companies in Florida, including one of the fastest-growing Jacksonville SEO agencies I help start, Orbit Local, a digital marketing agency in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL.

I’m a proud Google™ Ads Partner with expertise in search, display, shopping, video, and local campaigns. I’m highly successful in PPC ads management, including on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other paid media platforms. I love producing results for clients, it’s a great feeling.

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Freelance Jacksonville SEO & PPC Management

I have expertise in WordPress website design, website design, Google™ Ads, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), SEO copywriting, SEO services, Facebook, Instagram, and social media marketing.

I have experience in strategizing, building, and managing multi-location digital marketing campaigns for over a decade. I’m successful with bidding PPC strategies, conversion tracking, analyzing, and optimizing campaigns for higher ROIs. I have worked for a large website design company in Jacksonville for over 10 years and have helped the top Jacksonville SEO agencies and a Jacksonville SEO company near me in St. Augustine, FL, including many other top SEO agencies in Florida and all over the United States.

I love helping local businesses succeed online and you can hire me as your Jacksonville SEO expert. I’m available for Freelance SEO Services, Freelance PPC Services, Freelance website designer or as a white-label SEO & PPC fulfillment partner.

Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a unique challenge–which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to it. We use digital marketing tactics that can help you generate more leads. Our tactics include:

Google leads ads

Facebook leads ads

Local landing pages

Lead magnets tailored to the local market

Local contest or giveaway

Website Quality Audits

We specialize in improving site quality based on Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines. We audit websites for coding issues like broken links. We look at competitor analysis and assess E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) as part of our review process, including:

Fix technical issues

Competitor analysis

Link analysis

Page speed analysis

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating quality content for your audience–something they will find informative, entertaining, or valuable. You can use our content marketing services today to accomplish whatever you need for your business.

Reach your target audience with targeted content

Increase engagement and website traffic

Build awareness and trust in your brand

Create share-worthy content at its best

Digital PR + Link Building

Links still matter, but it’s not enough to go after them. That’s why PR Link building is so important–because you need targeted, relevant links from sources that are likely to be trusted by Google. You’ll see many more results using digital PR as a link-building strategy. Here are a few tactics:

Links from press releases

Links from news outlets

Links social shares

Links from Influencer outreach



Kesar did a great job with this project! He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I will definitely do more PPC, web development, and SEO work with him in the future.

– Rich Davis, Slogan Slingers

Ryna 108W

Kesar is very knowledgeable and was able to meet our deadline to get our ads up and running. He communicates very well and responds fast. Keep up the great work! We’ll be hiring him again.

– Ryna Mayorga, New Living

Sharicamcgee 108W

I really value Kesar’s expertise with PPC, SEO Marketing, Website Content Development, and Graphic Design. The professionalism and efficient customer service go above and beyond.

– Sharica McGee, Red Rose Naturals

Stephanie Kral

Kesar has done wonderful work for my small business. I couldn’t say enough good things about his work for my website and advertising. I highly recommend him to everyone!

– Stephanie Kral, Kral Military Defense

Freelance Digital Marketing Tips, SEO & PPC UpdateS

Local SEO Services FAQs

If you have a local business, you must understand how important SEO is to your long-term success. But what exactly is local SEO? Is it any different from regular SEO for a website?

Local SEO can help your locally-based business improve its search engine rankings. That’s because search engines like Google have taken steps over the past few years to give local businesses major visibility on the first page of search results.

Say you’re walking around downtown and want to find a restaurant. You can search for “restaurants near me” on your mobile device, and the results will show you any restaurant within a reasonable distance from you. You’ll also get helpful business information, like contact information, hours, location, and reviews. Then you can easily decide where to go eat.

Of course, local search is good for more than restaurants. In fact, according to Geospatial Technologist of Google, Ed Parsons, nearly one-third of Google search queries are about places–people are trying to find information about locations nearby that provide the goods and services they need.

Now that you know the importance of local SEO, let’s answer some questions.