How to Protect Your Ads from Fraudulent Clicks

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How To Protect Your Ads From Fraudulent Clicks

Your online advertising account is susceptible to fraudulent clicks and conversions, and if you’re not protecting your account against this sort of activity, you’re losing money. Fortunately, there are various anti-fraud options available to help protect your ad campaigns from fraudulent clicks and conversions. In this article, we’ll look at two common strategies used to detect fraudulent clicks and conversions and discuss some third-party solutions that can help guard against click fraud and conversion fraud in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Facebook Ads, and more.

PPC Click Fraud Detection

To protect your ads from fraudulent clicks, you need an automated solution to monitor each paid search campaign in real time. With click fraud detection software, you set up rules around what actions are considered legitimate traffic. If a rule is broken, you can be alerted with valuable information about what happened and why. You’ll also see valuable details like who made the click and where they came from, making rooting out any false traffic easier. Read this guide here for more information about PPC click fraud detection.

Now that you know what PPC click fraud detection software is and how it works, here are some tips for how to set up your campaigns correctly. Ensure your monitoring software runs on a level of granularity that’s fine enough to see individual ad clicks. If you can track individual ad clicks down to an IP address, all you need is one rule per campaign and budget, so they will get each trigger separately when someone makes a click on an ad under that budget. For example, if there’s one rule for CPC and one for CPV bids, then any single person making multiple clicks would only get counted once in your total fraudulent traffic reports.

What’s Being Done? The good news is that many ad networks already implement effective PPC click fraud protection. However, if your site depends on ads for revenue, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s being done to protect against these harmful clicks. Ad networks employ various techniques to prevent click fraud, including technology, user feedback, and human detection.

While no technique can completely eliminate click fraud, software programs are available that perform all of these duties on your behalf, keeping fraudulent clicks at bay. These automated ad verification solutions allow advertisers to monitor their ads more efficiently and maintain high levels of accountability for their PPC campaigns. Most digital marketers are fully aware of how costly click and digital ad fraud are, yet few acts to solve the issue. One reason is that a tremendous amount of manual work is involved in protecting your ads from fraudulent clicks. However, a better option exists with click fraud detection software that automatically takes over many verification functions.

Eliminate PPC Click Fraud

There are several types of click fraud, but PPC click fraud happens when someone clicks on your ad without seeing it or intending to buy your product. Usually, it’s an automated bot that browses through thousands of search results, clicking on ads based on their keywords rather than relevance. While click fraud is easy to detect with software tools, there are manual methods you can use as well.

How can you make sure your ads are always protected? That’s where PPC click fraud protection software comes in. If you don’t have a formal anti-fraud plan, it’s time to start looking for a solution that works for your business. These tools help eliminate PPC click fraud by using an algorithm that monitors your account 24/7 and flags fraudulent clicks automatically. When fraudulent activity is detected, they’ll filter out those clicks and update your reporting accordingly.

My Top Picks: PPC Click Fraud Software

Protect your ads with PPC click fraud software like Clixtell, ClickCease, or ClickGuard to avoid costly click fraud. Don’t take any chances with your ad campaigns. If you’re not doing so already, invest in PPC click fraud protection today.

Click fraud occurs when advertisers pay for false or invalid clicks. Click fraud is a problem in PPC advertising because it wastes an advertiser’s budget and can harm their Ad Rank score. In other words, click fraud harms your bottom line and brand. Click fraud protection software identifies fraudulent clicks before they take place, preventing them from ever harming your ads or wasting your ad budget.



Most digital marketers are fully aware of how costly click and digital ad fraud are, yet few acts to solve the issue. One reason is that much manual work protects your ads from fraudulent clicks. If you’re running an online PPC campaign, it can take hours each week to monitor traffic for invalid clicks and impressions and comb through Google Analytics data for discrepancies.

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